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Working in a Startup or an MNC which one a better option

Working in a Startup or an MNC which one a better option

Is it myth MNC’s are good instead of Startup?

Is MNC is good place for enhance your skills or a Startup Company? Let’s discuss below:

Working in a Startup or an MNC which one is good

There is no right or wrong choice to make in this case, however, depending on your personality, professional aspirations and the kind of job you are seeking- your choice can end up being life-changing. On one hand, you have the fast-paced, challenges and growth only a startup job can offer. On the other hand, you have the structured, stable life of an MNC.

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding working in startups vs MNCs! Like so many!! In all the aspect related to growth, money, future, stability,working environment so many!! That this needed to be addressed and for freshers specially because there are no much wrong you have in your mind and so much energy! And, we all deserve a good start into our career don’t we?
Here I’m share pros and cons of both.

Pros of working in a startup

  1. The Booming Startup Industry India is a growing hub for startups. With a considerable amount of tech talent in the country, the startup industry is booming like never before. Now a days in india everyone knows about Bangalore Hyderabad and Chennai is big highest growing hubs. While a previous stat shows Bangalore is silicon valley of Asia.
  2. Fast Career Growth -A startup has an immense amount of opportunities to grow in your career. If you are an employee at the initial stage of a startup you stand a chance to quickly get promoted in ranks as the startup grows which is not possible in an MNC. Also in startup people’s are free from inner Politics of company they can share their ideas easily where it’s not possible in MNC.
  3. Exponential Learning – Startups do not have a rigid structure like in an MNC. This gives you an open ground to experiment, learn and grow in multiple fields at once.
  4. The Foundation For Your Own Startup – You learn immensely in a startup of various departments. This proves to be foundation stone for any venture you wish to pursue in the future.

Cons of working in an Startup

1. The Risk – Job security is not something which you can expect in a startup as the life of a startup is unexpected. But this is also in MNC also like for example now a world suffering from COVID Pandemic. Most of MNC’s has start firing.

2. The Work -On more than one occasion, you’d find too many things on your plate.

Pros of working in an MNC

1. Job Stability – Since you don’t have to worry about losing your job overnight, the risk of holding down a job at one of the MNCs is minimal.

2. Minimal Work: Here you are free to work as compare to startup. Only given tasks will assign to you according to your profile.

Cons of working in an MNC

Majority of the freshers are put into support projects where your work will be attending phone calls, making spreadsheets and word documents and forwarding mails. Hell yeah , you toiled hard for 4 years and got a degree to forward a mail from a guy who you don’t know to another guy who doesn’t care who you are.

  1. Standard Growth – where the work is structured and constrained across multiple levels, the growth is, too. With thousands of people working on the same projects, it’s challenging to get credit for your contribution, which means, you’re looking at little to no recognition for your efforts. It’s take too much time to upgrade yourself here.
  2. Stunted Learning Curve – As your learning for a particular job profile ends, you will reach a point of saturation and you get frustrated or bored with the job.
  3. Unnecessary Office Politics – With larger teams and more employees, you’re expected to be involved in the office banter at all times. If you’re not a people person and want to focus on the work you’re doing instead, you’re outcasted from the cliques in the workplace.

Parting note : – If your are a techie having a good skills, and is interested in coding never ever go to an Service Based Companies as a profile of support, System Engineer, Project Engineer etc.

Well we are not against service based companies, just an opinion from our observance. Will talk more in next post, on the topic in deep. The next part of this topic will coming soon. Service based vs product based MNC’S…

Feel free to share what you think, in the comments below. If you like the post, do share it with your loved ones; so my thought can reach more and help everyone. Keep visiting back for more updates coming and new posts like this. Thanks for reading!

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