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Why Should i join a Startup

Why Should I Join a Startup? Here Are a few Reasons

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Have you heard about Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, Flipkart, WhatsApp, Amazon and many more, once they are startups. At that time they don’t think about future like what we can do for future, is audience comes or not, if we launch our product then people like it or not. If they think that then they are not at the level as they are now. They love technology and play with it. But actually technology is tool, the main thing is innovate mind, innovative ideas. What people demand in market. What is real life problems. They just focus on real world problems and provide them solutions with tech.

Here are few things are more exciting than getting involved in a new projects, working hard on it together with your teammates and seeing how it evolves and grows that’s what happens when you work in startup.

Working in Startup

Working in a startup, you’ll move away from the boring “preset to-do list” into a world full of new challenges and possibilities. Yes, working at a startup is an adventure. Big companies have already done all the work and you just have to follow an established plan, your job is focused mainly on getting your assigned tasks done. At a startup, you will have to help create everything from scratch, imagine and develop the workflows that best fit the company, change and adapt them once and again.

For recent grads, working at a startup is a wonderful way to acquire experience and continue learning while doing real work in a dynamic environment. For experienced professionals, swapping from a corporate business to a startup is usually the best way to break years of routine, get new goals, regain passion and continue growing by using your knowledge to help create something new. They have innovative mind just we need to guide them and they will make good products for this era.

Are you still wondering what are the pros of joining a startup? we’ve come up with few reasons to answer of some general questions.

Benefits, Working Environment, Growth, Stocks, Network :

  • Professional Growth:Working at a startup is a great place to build upon your existing skill sets, gain experiences in many functional areas, and take on a ton of responsibility. As the company grows quickly, so will your opportunities for career advancement.
  • Passion: The entrepreneurial nature of a startup undoubtedly creates a lot of passion which means you will be working with colleagues every day that have the same positive energy and excitement as you do.
  • Job Variety: The challenges and opportunities at a startup constantly change which means you are forced to adopt new skills, take on new projects, and will never be bound to a dull, boring routine. This is a lot different than working at a larger, established company.
  • Personal Growth: Strengthen your team-playing abilities as well as your self-sufficiency. Get the most out of the experience and develop your social skills by wearing many “hats” and making important decisions.
  • Company culture: Since most startups are small, you will have a chance to get to know your coworkers very personally and create a bond with everyone on the team. Working at a startup is like being part of a close-knit family, where you can actually be yourself.
  • Learn: The innovative nature of a startup usually allows you to have close contact with the founders who are usually some of the best people to learn from. Also, expect to get a lot of exposure to the intricacies of the entire business operation.
  • Creative Office Environment: Instead of the typical cubical scenario you’ll find in most large companies, many startups have creative work environments that are designed to feed your creativity and tap into the right side of your brain. Trade in your suit and tie for jeans and sandals.
  • Stock Options: Although working at a startup could mean a paycut compared to a cushy corporate job, there are other benefits worth considering including stock options (equity) which can have a huge upside for you if the company does well. If you get in the door early enough, the upside can be life-changing.
  • Diverse Work Schedule: There’s a lot of work to be done but depending on your work’s perks, you could negotiate a very flexible schedule. Alternate working from home or even get Friday evenings off…
  • Be Influential:Less layers to the CEO means there is more of a chance for opinions to matter. Moreover, the work you do at a startup makes a real difference and can have a significant impact on the success (or failure) of the business.
  • Expand your network:Get access to industry events, local meetups and build your professional contacts with like-minded professionals. This can go a long way when looking for recommendations or new career opportunities.
  • High-level Job Opportunities: Startups are ever-changing and if you do your job well, you could fast track into a management position a lot quicker than an established company with a defined hierarchy.
  • Fun Team Events: With team work comes team play! Startups are keen on building team relationships which is great because free lunches and barbecues can become a regular activity.
  • Be a Part of It All: And last but by no means last, you should join a startup because it’s an unique experience to help build something and be part of its growth from the very beginning. This means living the high highs, low lows, and everything in between.

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